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Post  yngdsales89 on Fri Dec 16, 2011 1:52 am

Hey Guys,

My name is Sheldon, and I am currently a subscriber of my Internet Income Coaches. I am currently a student at a university studying economics and entrepreneurship. I want to use this course to really build my skills/foundation in a future career in Internet Marketing and also build a powerful network for my future. I currently am working on 2 projects of my own and appreciate any constructive criticism/advice.

I hope that this forum can help us all!

Best of luck on your ventures!!


*Edit: Also I don't have Liz or Jeff's email to let them know about this forum. If anyone has it please PM me or send it to my email.


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Introduce Yourself Empty Leah Dubyk, Stockton, CA

Post  thriftgirl62 on Fri Dec 16, 2011 4:54 pm

When eBay first started, I thought it was all garage sales and thrift store goods, hence the name thriftgirl62. I added "62" [year I was born] because "thriftgirl" was already taken by my sister.

cheers Thank-you for starting this private forum for working together as "partners" rather than customers. I've been in business offline since age 15 and every business owner I know trades or sells to each other at wholesale cost but only if you ask. They help each other by referring [not becoming] new customers for each other.

Trivia: [year born 1962] + [age this year 49] = 2011 Okay, now it's your turn! FUN is the real key to success because if you're doing what you love, it's fun. If you're having fun doing what you love, you're happy. Then, once you're happy you will eventually become an expert and then money is the result that follows.

"Happiness is Good for Business" was featured at the World Business Forum in October. Money is never the reason - it's always the result and that is the secret nobody wants to talk about. Just think, if everyone did what made them happy, they would become experts and the rich wouldn't have so much money!

If you plan on assigning roles based on what everyone loves doing, then I want traffic and lead generation! Doing what you love doesn't mean you're an expert yet - but doing what you hate won't ever work. Now, for some more fun!

Send a FREE personalized letter from Santa to your child or ?? Go to: nethometown dot com [Click on Santa!] That is the kind of interactive fun that belongs on Facebook with CPA offers - that's next.

P.S. I love Steve Jobs and his Stanford University Commencement speech in 2005

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Introduce Yourself Empty My turn!

Post  dandaman0808 on Fri Dec 16, 2011 8:13 pm

Hey guys,

I'll just quickly introduce myself and give you a bit of a background on me.
My name's Dan (if the moniker didn't give it away Razz) and similar to Sheldon I'm a college student here in the UK currrently studying Music Technology, Economics and Computing.
I've been stop/starting in the online side of things for the past 2 years now and although I've made money it's never remained a consistent stream of income so I heeded the advice of "the money's in the list" and when I saw Jeff and Liz's WSO I jumped at the chance to build foundations for what will hopefully be a longterm business Smile

That said, I actually haven't setup my sites yet around the OTO XD but after the webinar last night I think I'll definately get cracking pronto!

Really pleased we now have a resource like this, however I would also recommend Skype to be taken into consideration depending on how big this gets as it would provide Q/A for all MII members if enough people used it due to differentiating time zones.

Looking forward to progressing with you guys alongside me,


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Introduce Yourself Empty Hello all!

Post  jujubrew on Sun Dec 18, 2011 3:28 pm

Hey Eveyone,

My name is John Brewer. I am a husband of 11 yrs and father of 5 ranging from 9 down to "will be newborn" on Feb 7th, 2012. I got into IM because 10 years ago I joined an MLM that taught me that internet business was the place to be and I put effort into that business but it was not right for me at the time and I stopped. On Oct 31st, I took a short term leave of absence from work because I was tired of the politics and the pressure to perform. I then started looking for a way to make money be honest, I was hoping to be socking money away before the 6 weeks was over and of course we all know that did not happen because of analysis paralysis. There was too much information. Thankfully, I came upon Liz Tomey and her awesome products and then this coaching opportunity arose and now here I am.

Skills: I understand HTML but it has been awhile since I used it and looks like I will need to refresh those skills.
I am very tech savvy and look forward to understand how to build my own squeeze page systems and use them to the best of my ability.

Weakness: Time management - I am my own worst enemy because I can get lost most of the times in menial tasks.

Hopes: I hope to make this a full time income in the next 3-9 months and quit my job.

Thanks for letting me to y'all soon.



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Introduce Yourself Empty Re: Introduce Yourself

Post  Boids on Mon Dec 19, 2011 6:43 am

Hello world (lol).

@jujubrew Glad to hear the good news. My best wishes for you and your happy growing family. It will be great to know that you can spend as much time with them as you want (true richness, isn't it?).

My name is Rogelio Consejo I am a Seduction Coach and a hypnotist. I set up a membership site "academia de seducción" which was launched about 8 months ago and is producing about 160 dollars per month thus far. I am looking forward to EXPLODING my sales and becoming wealthy enough to travel... I long for the horizon...

I am learning CSS and php right now as I want to have more flexibility in my ability to build websites study . I currently know html and wordpress quite well as my main tools. My main value is freedom. I quit school because I want to do many different things and it is easier for me to explore what I want to do outside of the school. BTW, I studied some acting, cooking, marketing, movie making, digital media art & design (applied digital media arts, interactive objects and such)...

I know this forum is going to be what will make all of us succeed because as humans we can work better and more powerfully if we work as a group as most of modern-day miracles are accomplished by groups of people... synergy.



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